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Our Lessons - Your BSW...driving lessons your way.
We have been teaching to drive for over 10 years, and as the saying goes, there’s no substitute for experience!
Everyone learns in different ways, that’s why we work out a tailored, personalised lesson plan that’s designed to give you the very best chance of passing your test and will help turn you into a safe and confident driver.
So how does it work? Well, for a start, we'll want to find out about your driving experience so we know how many lessons you might need in total. Then we'll work out how many sessions we can fit into a week. We usually recommend at least a two-hour lesson each week, because most people find this works best.
But it's your call and we'll fit around your life as best we can. You’ll get sent an email with your own BSW track record for you to download, this is essentially a logbook that we use to monitor and show your progression as your driving skills develop. Its also a great way to keep Mum and Dad informed!
BSW most experienced driving school. We got the  first pass certificate and we can help you get yours.
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