We offer different types of driving lessons and packages for every need and budget. If you know what stage you are in or how many driving lessons you need, you can choose any of our single lessons or packages or if you are unsure, you can get the Introductory Session and your driving instructor will help you in choosing the right one at the end of your first driving lesson.
You'll get great instructors, great value and great results. We believe the old saying: "You get what you pay for" and we are determined to ensure all our customer receive value for money.
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Pick Up & Drop at VicRoads
Offer price is not valid if pick up and drop off are different from VicRoads address

60 MINUTE LESSON   $60.00

3 lesson pack                  $175.00            

5 lesson pack                  $290.00           

10 lesson pack                $560.00  

45 MINUTE LESSON    $46.00 

5 lesson pack                 $225.00 

10 lesson pack               $440.00 


Express Test Preparation  

LICENCE TEST            $135.00


Test and 60 minute lesson before test  $180.00​


45 minute lesson                

Note: The prices Excludes all government fees^

Note: Your instructor welcomes and encourages the opportunity for a parent or guardian to sit-in on a lesson. Your instructor will take you home after the licence test if time allows. Please check this with your instructor before test day.