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Express Test preparation

Don't get left behind, get through your test the first time.  Find out all the correct skills and procedures that your Licensed Testing Officer will be looking for on your test day! 

Learners going for their licence test who haven’t completed lessons with a qualified BSW Drive School instructor and need to know the testing criteria and skills required and to be put "under pressure in a life like test situation" - this is the ideal package for you.  It will make you aware of all the requirements on the day of the test and make both your licence testing officer and you relaxed on the test day.

Also for those learners already with an BSW Drive school instructor or another school and wanting to get the feel of the pressure on test day. This is the ideal way to prepare for the licence test and help you feel familiar with the procedure on test day.

Some of the skills and test criteria covered -

  • Pre-drive check  

  • Car controls and instruments

  • Turning in single & multi lane situations

  • Correct & safe signalling procedure

  • Timing, buffering and allowing escape routes

  • Mirror check routine

  • Lane and road positioning

  • Hazard perception and scanning

  • Road law update

Express Test Preparations lesson prices vary from state to state based on different tests preparation requirements. You can book online today any one of the following test preparation lessons.


Note: License Test Includes pick-up 1 hour before test for lesson (Excludes all government fees)

Note: Your instructor welcomes and encourages the opportunity for a parent or guardian to sit-in on a lesson. Your instructor will take you home after the licence test if time allows. Please check this with your instructor before test day.